Industrial pumps for the extraction and processing of nitrogen

Industrial pumps play a crucial role in extracting and processing nitrogen in various applications.

Nitrogen gas bottles

industrial pumps play a crucial role in the extraction and processing of nitrogen in various industrial applications. It is an extremely important element in many industrial processes, from groceries- and beverage industry up to chemistry- and pharmaceutical industry.

Extraction and processing require special pumps, which are able to deal with the specific requirements of this gas. These pumps must be able to deliver gases safely and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

The wobble ring pump from pumpsystems Is able to produce large quantities of nitrogen gas to promote and at the same time a constant printing sustain.

Nitrogen pumping pump


Die wobble ring pump works on the principle of wobbling a ring that rotates in a housing. This creates a vacuum that allows the pump to suck in the gas and deliver it through the system. By using special Seals & materials Is the pump able to use the gas safely and without leakages to promote.

Where can you find nitrogen?

You find Nitrogen in the atmosphere, as it is the predominant gas there. It accounts for around 78% of air off. Nitrogen can also occur in soil and water, as it is an important component of organic and inorganic compounds.

In the chemistry Nitrogen is often abbreviated as N. It is a non-metal and belongs to the group of nitrogens in the periodic table of elements. Nitrogen is a very responsive element and forms a variety of compounds. One of the most well-known compounds is ammonia (NH3), which is used in industry as a fertilizer and to produce explosives.

Nitrogen is also an essential component of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are essential for tissue growth and repair in the human body. Nitrogen is therefore essential for the functioning of the human organism.

Are nitrogen and nitrogen the same thing?

Nitrogen is the English term for nitrogen. It is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that makes up a large part of the Earth's atmosphere. Nitrogen is essential for many vital processes in the nature and in the industry essential.

What is the role of industrial pumps in the extraction and processing of nitrogens?

One of the most important applications of industrial pumps for nitrogen is the nitrogen cycle. In many industries, nitrogen is used as an inert gas to protect products from oxidation and contamination. Industrial pumps play a crucial role in extracting nitrogen from ambient air by supporting the nitrogen enrichment process.

When pumping nitrogen, industrial pumps are used to transport the gas from one location to another. This can be done in pipelines or tanks, for example. The pumps ensure that the nitrogen efficiently and is moved safely to meet the needs of industry.

In addition, industrial pumps also play an important role in the processing of nitrogen. In many production processes, nitrogen is used as coolant used to temperatures to control and reactions to steer. Industrial pumps are used to pump liquid nitrogen and bring it to the appropriate plants.

Selecting the right pump technology depends on several factors. First of all, it is important that type take into account the nitrogen to be extracted. There is liquid nitrogen, gaseous nitrogen and also nitrogen mixtures. Each type requires a specific pump technology.

centrifugal pumps are generally well suited for the promotion of liquid nitrogen. They work with a rotating disk that moves the medium through centrifugal force. These pumps are efficient and can pump large amounts of liquid.

diaphragm pumps are a good choice when it comes to gaseous to extract nitrogen. They work with a membrane that moves rhythmically and sucks in and expels the gas. These pumps are reliable and can also be used at high pressures.

Screw pumps are particularly suitable for pumping nitrogen mixtures. They work with two screws that transport the medium between them. These pumps are robust and can also viscose mediums Contribute easily.

When choosing the right pump It is also important to consider the flow rate and pressure. Depending on the application, it may be necessary to use a pump with a higher conveying capacity or a higher Pressure range to choose.

In addition, it is advisable to refer to the quality and reliability Pay attention to the pump manufacturer. A high-quality pump from a reputable manufacturer ensures a longer life and reliable performance.

Pumpsystems wobble ring pump impresses with its high efficiency and reliability. This pump is specifically designed for pumping nitrogen and offers an optimal solution for various applications in industry.

Employees in a gas refinery processing nitrogen
Employees in a gas refinery processing nitrogen

The wobble ring pump in pumping and processing nitrogen

Die wobble ring pump is characterized by its robust construction and its ability to achieve high pressures and Volumetric flows to cope. It is able to efficiently pump nitrogen gas and use it in the desired process steps.

Thanks to its precise design, the wobble ring pump minimizes the risk of leakages and ensures reliable and safe delivery of nitrogen. This is particularly important because nitrogen is an inert gas and can lead to hazardous situations if handled improperly.

In addition, the wobble ring pump enables precise dosing of nitrogen, which is of great importance in many applications. It can precisely regulate the nitrogen flow and thus ensure optimal processing.

The wobble ring pump is often used in combo used with other devices & systems to ensure efficient & controlled workmanship of nitrogen. It can be used in various areas, such as food processing, the pharmaceutical industry and chemical production.

Another advantage of the wobble ring pump is its ability to work even at high temperatures and aggressive environments to work in. This makes them ideal for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where nitrogen is frequently required for various processes.

In addition, the wobble ring pump is easy to waiting and to clean. This is particularly important in order to quality maintaining the extracted gas and ensuring continuous production.

What do you need cotton fabric for?

Nitrogen is required in many different areas. One of the main reasons is its use as manure in agriculture. Nitrogen is an essential component of plant nutrients and helps to promote plant growth.

In addition, nitrogen is also used in food industry used. It is used as a preservative to durability from food to lengthen. Nitrogen is often used to package food to ensure a longer shelf life as it inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

Another important area of use of nitrogen is in medicine. It is used, for example, when storing medical samples and tissues to maintain their quality and integrity. Nitrogen is also used in cryopreservation used by sperm, egg cells and embryos.

Nitrogen also plays an important role in industry. It is called protective gas used to prevent sensitive materials oxidation or impurity to protect. Nitrogen is also used in metal processing to prevent unwanted oxidation during welding.

In addition to these applications, nitrogen is also used in research, the chemical industry and in space travel. It is a versatile element that is used in many areas indispensable is.

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