The different types of pumps

Pumps transport various types of liquids in different aggregate states from one location to another.

A positive displacement pump pump in the shape of the Archimedes screw

Basically, pumps transport various types of liquids in different aggregate states from one location to another. Over time, various pump types from a wide variety pump manufacturers enforced. All types of pumps have their own pump technology and pump design. The idea of the pump has been around for a very long time.

How long have pumps been around?

The human hand can be understood as the very first prehistoric and prehistoric pump. Formed correctly, it forms a species hoppers and is also an excellent scooping tool. In ancient China and Egypt, this idea gave rise to the idea of Scoop wheels . Attached to a wheel or chain, water was scooped up with jugs and pumped.

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The Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes is also studying ways of transporting water. He developed a screw pump , which transported water upwards in a pipe by turning a spiral. Later, in the 13th century in the Netherlands, an early form of sewage pump used to drain many cities. In 1724, engineer Jacob Leupold came up with the idea of installing curved pipes in a wheel. As a result, the water flows to central axis and also serves as propulsion . Jacob Leupold has thus developed a technology that is adapted to the wheels of today's much-used centrifugal pumps Reminds. A few decades later, pumps for water supply and sanitation were developed to build the first sewers in ancient Greece.

These pumps are pioneers of today's omnipresent submersible pump. However, the biggest development steps in the development of pumps came in the course of industrialization. As a result of increasing settlements of people, there has been much progress in areas of the sewage system, industry and thus also Pumping technology associated.

Eine Verdrängerpumpe Pumpenart in Form der Archimedes Schraube
Archimedes screw/positive displacement pump in use

What types of pumps are there?

Die type of pump It also determines its intended use at the same time. In principle, between the operating principles of centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps differentiated.

Die centrifugal pump or flow pump , which is the most frequently used pump, works using the drive technology of a moving impeller. This creates a suction which causes a flow and thus enables the liquids to flow through. In this case, the centrifugal pump may have a radial, semi-axial or axial design. In particular, the design of the impeller (essential component) is responsible for the use of the pump and the mode of transport of the medium. Due to their simple pump system, centrifugal pumps are almost maintenance-free and rarely require a reparation or a spare part and therefore have low operating costs.

The centrifugal pump works exclusively through energy transfer with fluid mechanics and is used in different ways depending on the design. For example, in the Wastewater technology , the pharmaceutical/chemical industry, in the domestic sector, in cooling circuits , in the food industry and in swimming pool technology .

Die positive displacement pump On the other hand, it is used in many specialist industrial companies and works using vacuum technology. It conveys liquids in a closed volume and is usually self-priming. The plant engineering prevents liquids from flowing back through valves and flaps. This means that even at a standstill, a backflow of liquids be prevented.

The most well-known pump types are discussed below:

Die peripheral gear pump, Also a turbine pump, is a centrifugal pump that generates a flow, as a result of which the medium is pumped into a peripheral annular channel. It has a radial design and is particularly suitable for small flow rates and high delivery pressures.

stainless steel pumps are made from austenitic stainless steels, which means that the components remain corrosion-free and the transported media are not contaminated. It is therefore widely used in the food industry due to its high hygienic requirements.

Die water pump is often used in private use. For example in washing machines, dishwashers, cars or even as garden pump .

Die diaphragm pump is a suction pump. It therefore works outside the medium to be conveyed and is therefore resistant to continuous stress and contamination in the material being transported. It is a variation of piston pump And is often used in plant engineering used by the chemical industry to pump abrasive fluids and hazardous sludges.

Die submersible pump is a centrifugal pump which can be installed in a transportable or stationary manner. It is immersed in the liquid to be pumped and is usually driven by an electric current. She comes in the water supply , for example in wells and cisterns, or in disaster control and by the fire department.

One peristaltic pump or roller pump is a positive displacement pump in which the medium to be pumped is pushed in through it due to external deformation of a hose. It is often used continuously in plastics processing, in heating systems or used in air conditioners.

Die eccentric screw pump , also known as PCP, is a positive displacement pump, which is mainly used to pump viscous, highly viscous and abrasive media. These include, for example, fats, manure, sludges and petroleum oils. Its main parts consist of a rotor and a stator. She is used a lot in the food industry , in sewage treatment plants and in drinking water treatment plants used.

Die piston diaphragm pump is a variant of the diaphragm pump, which is driven by a swashplate. She has a higher efficiency , as the compressed air diaphragm pump and works with a technology similar to the wobble ring pump.

Die wobble ring pump is an innovative type of positive displacement pump, which enables the pumping of liquid media using special technology. In this case, the medium is delivered by an annular piston, which performs a wobbling movement in a spherical working space.

Wartung einer Pumpsystems Industriepumpe
Our wobble ring pump models under review.

The history of the wobble ring pump

The basis of wobble ring pump developed in 1934 by German-American Alois Wicha. At that time, it was therefore still known as the Wicha pump. In 2003, engineer Peter Kotlarov developed an optimized version of the pump, which included a significant reduction in frictional losses.

Recent developments have been carried out since 2014 by Pumpsystems GmbH, which is a innovative split housing developed. This housing is extremely maintenance-free and ensures direct access to Wobble ring plunger .

The oscillating ring pump from Pumping Systems

Pumping systems pumps offer great flexibility due to changing the delivery direction, selectable connection types and orientation of the pump.

As a result, the Pumpsystems can be set up both horizontally and vertically. Eine mobile use is also guaranteed. In addition to the pump itself, the Variable pump head be built up. It can be rotated by up to 360 degrees and fits perfectly, as it can be assembled in 90-degree steps. This means that on many Requests for changes be received quickly.

This makes the Pumpsystems pumps extremely flexible and individually configurable. Between the four relevant connection types Flange, milk pipe, TriClamp and Camlock can be chosen freely. Due to its high-quality workmanship, it has a high level of occupational safety.

Thanks to a very compact design of the wobble ring pump There is too little loss of material and resource conservation. As a result, the Pumpsystems pump can achieve a high increase in energy efficiency. Especially compared to other types of pumps, it is far ahead here and receives from many specialists good testimonials .

Pumpsystems pumps are FDA compliant and therefore food genuine, ATEX certified and standardized according to EN 60204-1. They thus meet the standards of the pump industry in Germany.

Buying and renting

Our service is, just like our pump systems, the highest flexibly . Choose between our three different wobble ring pumps and let yourself be inspired by our specialist sales team advise. We check whether our pump system is optimal for Your requirements and wishes fits. Together, we will select the right model for you and your company.

We also offer a wide range of rental pumps If you would like to check whether our wobbling ring pump meets your requirements.

Feel free to use contact join us! You can reach us by phone during our Opening hours . After a fast delivery and set-up , you can directly do the first pumping test on site with our industrial pumps carry out. Convince yourself of the Quality and function of our wobble ring pumps.

If you have any further questions about industrial pumps, please have a look this item on.

Closer infos and testimonials The function and application of our wobble ring pumps can be found in our next article .

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