Application of industrial pumps

Industrial pumps make it possible to transport liquids in many different areas of life.

Sketch of an installation of a wobbling ring pump. Horizontal application of industrial pump.

Pumps pump various types of liquids into the various aggregate states from one place to another. There are very different areas of application, sizes and materials from which the pumps are manufactured. In private use, it is most common to find a classic water pump . It is used in washing machines, dishwashers or cars, for example, or also functions as a garden pump. In industry, there is a much larger number of different pumps, which specific skills own. Such as the centrifugal pump, piston pump or even the latest generation of industrial pumps, the wobble ring pump.

Which pumps are there and how do they work?

Pumps are among the Fluid energy machines , because they convert the drive power into kinetic energy of a fluid. They create a pressure difference within liquids, which ensures that the liquids can be transported. However, the volume of liquids is not changed when they are pressurized as they are incompressible. The pumps are driven by an electric motor. A distinction is made between the two main categories flow pumps and positive displacement pumps , each of which is further specified.

flow pumps or centrifugal pumps are mainly used in areas such as aquariums or ponds, for example to enrich the water with oxygen. They function exclusively through energy transfer with fluid mechanics . The pump works without flaps and valves. The drive technology, a moving impeller, creates suction, which causes a flow and thus creates a flow of liquids. However, this system is not self-aspirating and must therefore always be filled with liquid. What is special about this type of pump is that there is not only a forward movement, but also into the opposite direction can be promoted.

The positive displacement pumps are also frequently installed. As the name suggests, the conveying technology of a positive displacement pump works with suppression principle . These pumps are mostly used for common devices in private as well as in industry. They pump up the liquid within closed volume . The plant construction prevents liquids from flowing back through valves and flaps. In this way, liquids can be prevented from flowing back even when stationary. As a rule, most positive displacement pumps are self-priming , as the pumping mechanism creates enough vacuum to suck in more liquid.

About our industrial pumps


Application of an industrial pump

Displacement pumps are mostly used in industry. They make it easier, for example, in cosmetics industry The filling of soaps or in the chemical industry, Promoting Paints and Varnishes. The positive displacement pump also still differs in many different and specific types of pumps, depending on Company purpose and area of focus. The most famous among them are the piston pump, the diaphragm pump, the peristaltic pump and the pumping station.

The Wobble Ring Pump offers a special feature. It is part of an innovative and new technology , the viscous liquids Can promote. Gentle delivery during pump use ensures consistency through minimal contraction. What is particularly important in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, for such a Optimum result to achieve for the end user.

Skizze eines Einbaus einer Taumelringpumpe. Horizontale Anwendung der Industriepumpe.
Horizontal application of industrial pump

Wobble ring pump from Pumpsystems

Special individuality and Maximum flexibility Do Pumpsystems provide pumps by changing the Funding direction , selectable connection types and the Orientation The pump.

In this way, the pump system can be set up horizontally or vertically. So a mobile use It is therefore always guaranteed. However, it is not only the pump that can be designed variably, but also the pump head. This can be increased by up to 360 degrees Turn and assemble in steps of 90 degrees for a Optimally fit . This means that the pumps are always where they are needed and can be individually configured.

You can also choose from the four Relevant connection types : Flange, milk pipe, TriClamp or Camlock off. They can be integrated with Pumpsystems pumps.

The pumping capacity of the system is up to 30,000 liters In the hour that comes with a engine power From up to 7.5 watts Can be funded.

The Compact Design of the Wobbling Ring Pump Results in Little loss of material And is therefore particularly resource-friendly. As a result, it can also achieve a high Increasing energy efficiency register.

The Pumpsystems pumps are FDA compliant And therefore food is real ATEX certified And after EN 60204-1 standardized. They thus meet the standards of the pump industry in Germany.

Maintenance and repair of wobble ring pumps

Die patented Tumbling ring pumps from Pumpsystems allow maintenance and repair by a service technician within minutes. The pumps are made from Höchst High-quality and durable materials manufactured. These robust and wear-resistant materials ensure minimal downtime and therefore maximum efficiency in pumping and operation. The surface of the stainless steel used is not only extremely corrosion-free, but also particularly hygienic. Our pumps can also be used in the food industry as they are FDA compliant.

The pumped medium can easily reach temperatures of up to 250 °C transported Become. So a Heating or chilling The pump housing can be run smoothly both during operation or at a standstill. In this way, the pumped liquid always maintains the appropriate optimum temperature and there is no possible loss of consistency.

Through a quick and easy Dismantling the pump head Free access to the pumping chamber and the connected pipes is provided. This not only makes it easier for Servicing or reparation of the Pumpsystem, but also the quick and easy cleaning. This is particularly important when the pipes come into contact with chemicals or paints and paints. They prevent mixing and contamination of the pumped liquids. It is also possible to have cleaning and sterilization run in a process-controlled man.

Skizze eines Einbaus einer Taumelringpumpe. Horizontale Anwendung der Industriepumpe.
Horizontal application of industrial pump

Buying and renting

It's not just our pump systems that are top flexibly , but also our service. Choose between our three different wobble ring pumps and let yourself be inspired by our Specialist sales team advise. We check whether our pump system is optimal for Your Requirements and Wishes fit. Together, we will select the right model for you and your company.

You also have the option to buy a variety of our models rent. To do this, take Contact Join us! After a Quick delivery And setup, you can directly carry out the first pumping test on site with our industrial pumps. Convince yourself of the Quality And the function of our wobble ring pumps.

Feel free to take a look at our Produktbrochure and find the perfect pump for your needs.

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Produktbroschüre (EN)

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Closer info The function and application of our wobble ring pumps can be found in our Next article .

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