Application and functions of water pumps

The requirements for water pumps are as varied as their areas of application.

Wasserpumpen in industrieller Nutzung

By means of a water pump Liquids can be pumped through a pipe or hose system. Water pumps are often used in private households, for example in classic household machines installed. This type of pump is also used in camping supplies. But the biggest use is probably not on a campsite, but in industry, private households and in automotive .

How does a water pump work?

Die function A water pump is very different, as it always depends on what you need it for. Basically, there are two different types of pumps: centrifugal pump and Displacement pump.

The centrifugal pump is a open system What causes the medium to flow and thus through pure energy transfer works. The displacement pump operates in a closed volume with the suppression principle , which creates different pressure conditions. More detailed information on the function and application of the centrifugal pump and displacement pump is available in our Article on the use of industrial pumps.

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These two pump types are still divided into many other types of construction , such as a piston pump, wobble ring pump, submersible pump or even waste water pump. The special feature of Dirty water pump is the great resistance and robustness. This pump is not as susceptible to blockages that were caused by impurities and dirt.

In industry, fixed pumping systems Installed, but also mobile Systems are used. For example, they are used for draining used by flooded cellars or excavation pits in the construction industry.

Most pumps are powered by electric motors, which are connected by a fixed power connection either in ac or dc be operated. Smaller mobile systems can either use the power connection in the house or an outdoor socket. But here too, there are special features, such as pumps that solar panels receive their influx of electricity.

Self-priming Water pumps draw in the liquid automatically. It must be noted that the suction height of suction hose lies below the liquid. Otherwise, damage to the pumping station cannot be ruled out.

One long service life Thanks to the pump check valve Not a problem anymore. The valve ensures that the pumped medium is not simply returned run back Can. This means that the liquid does not have to be pumped again when restarted.

Where are water pumps used?

There are a variety of different Areas of use for water pumps. We use them every day. They are often necessary for water supply of a building. They not only pump our drinking water into the pipes, but also the waste water into the sewer system. They cool the engine in the car or pump the gas out of the tank. They put food in their packaging and dry cellars after flooding. Without pumps, life would be a lot different complicate .

As soon as a liquid medium If it has to be processed and transported from one location to another, pumps are required.

Wasserpumpen in industrieller Nutzung
Large industrial water pumps in a factory

Which water pump is needed?

As individual as your requirements and your usage The water pumps are just as individual. Many different types of pumps are used and each construction is represented. Depending on which medium is to be pumped, there are various requirements that a pump must meet. As mentioned in the previous section, there is two basic types of pumps, the centrifugal pump and the displacement pump. Which pump is required depends entirely on the intended use.

The medium to be pumped plays the biggest and most important role when choosing a pumpsystems. As soon as the pump comes into contact with food, a Food-safe pump needed. This is because it must not release any substances into the transported medium that are harmful to people. Is the substance to be promoted special viscose-like and thick, a wobble ring pump is required. Is the medium to be pumped changed more often and must not defile , the pump must be easy to access and maintain. This is the only way to clean a pump with high efficiency.

Depending on the quantities of liquids to be transported, there are different sizes of pumps. So is a water pump that is in a percolator is built in, significantly smaller. A pump that is suitable for watering The garden is intended to be significantly larger. It must contain significantly more liquid short time promote.

Maintenance, repair and replacement of water pumps

Through proper and regular maintenance of pumps, the life of the systems is significantly extended. They are usually maintenance intervals defined in advance by pump manufacturers. As a rule, pumps must be professionally serviced at least once a year. It should be checked that the pumping station is pumping properly and that all seals are intact. Otherwise, it may cause leaks. Even after Contaminants and corrosion should be watched out for and removed. This prevents the system from clogging or rusting and prevents rapid wear and tear.

Die wobble ring pump The pumpsystems is particularly easy to maintain. Thanks to the removable Pumpenkopf You can easily reach the pump chamber and the hoses and pipes connected to it. This allows the system to be checked and cleaned quickly and easily. It comes to fewer failures and greater efficiency.

Die most common cause Defective water pumps include not only the lack of maintenance, but also the wrong water level. The danger of overheating occurs as soon as the suction height is too high or too low. Running the pump dry creates a large Frictional heat , which may damage the seals. If the sealing surface and O-ring are damaged, the pump can no longer run properly. It requires repair or even replacement of the pumping station.

Whether and how a pump is repaired can a reseller or say a qualified pump technician. He checks the harm at the pump and can the affected components replace. It may be useful to replace the entire pumping system if this would be more economical due to an excessive defect.

The versatile water pump from pumpsystems

The individually configurable pumping system from pumpsystems ensures patented use of wobble rings for a unique function. Thanks to this novel and innovative design, the pump can pump highly viscous liquids, solid-laden and foaming media. This does not change the consistency of the medium. Up to 30,000 liters The powerful 7.5 watt motor can transport per hour.

Abbildung des Taumelrings einer Wasserpumpe
Illustration of the wobble ring of a water pump

In addition to all required certificates and standards, such as ATEX approval, EN60204-1, EU 10/2011 and EC regulation 1935/2004, it is also FDA compliant . As a result, it is completely safe with this pump groceries to promote.

Especially long lasting Is this pump made of high-quality workmanship inox and easy maintenance within a few minutes.

Maximum flexibility is achieved by the rotatable pump head, which is 90 degrees steps can be assembled. The structure itself is also completely individual, whether horizontally, vertically or in mobile construction Can the pump be used.

If they still more benefits If you want to know about our pump, take contact visit us or take a look at our Product brochures on.

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More Information about industrial pumps You will receive in our next article.

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