Industrial pumps for oil extraction and processing

The wobble ring pump is able to pump large quantities of highly viscous liquids.

Industrial oil filling belt

The promotion of oils requires special pumps that are able to handle the special properties of these fluids. Industrial pump manufacturers offer a variety of pumps that are suitable for pumping different types of oils, be it lubricating oil, hydraulic oil or motor oil.

These industrial pumps are characterized by their robust construction and their high efficiency off. They are able to efficiently produce large quantities of oil promoting while maintaining a high level of pressure. In addition, they are often equipped with special seals equipped to prevent oil leakage and thus ensure a safe and clean working environment.

Pumpsystems wobble ring pump is a popular choice for extracting oils in German industry.

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The wobble ring pump for pumping and processing oils

The wobble ring pump consists of a housing in which an eccentrically arranged wobble ring is located. This ring moves due to the rotation of a shaft driven by a motor.

At operation The oils or viscous liquids of this industrial pump are pulled into the housing through the suction opening. The wobble ring then ensures that the liquids get into the annular space. Due to the rotation of the wobble ring, the liquids are then compressed and expelled through the pressure outlet.

The wobble ring pump is characterized by its ability to also highly viscous liquids effectively promote. It can also handle abrasive or corrosive media, making it a versatile solution.

In addition, the wobble ring pump is relatively simple and requires little servicing. It is robust and durable, which is its operating costs keeps it low.

In the German industry Is the wobbling ring pump often used in the chemistry-, groceries- and pharmaceutical industry used. It has also proven effective in heavy industry, where it is used to pump lubricating oils and other viscous media.

With their efficiency, reliability and versatility The wobble ring pump is a proven solution for pumping oils and viscous liquids.

What is the role of industrial pumps in the extraction and processing of oils?

Pumps play a crucial role in furtherance and workmanship of oils. They are used to transport oil from one location to another and ensure the smooth running of the entire process chain.

When pumping oils, special conveying systems are used, in which pumps have a central function have. They are used to bring the oil from the boreholes to the surface. The pumps must be able to deliver large quantities of oil over long distances. Depending on the specific requirements of the funding process, various types of pumps be used.

Pumps also play an important role in the processing of oils. After the oil has been extracted, it must be purified, sophisticated and can be converted into various products. Industrial pumps are used here to transport the oil through the various processing steps. They can be used, for example, in distillation plants, refineries or in chemical industry be used.

Selecting the right pumps for pumping and processing oils is crucial to ensure efficient and reliable operation. The pumps must be robust and durable to withstand the high demands associated with extracting and processing oils. They must also be able to deal with the specific properties of the oil to be extracted, such as viscosity or the temperature.

What kind of oil pumps are there and how do they work?

There are various types of oil pumps that are used in industry and automotive. A commonly used type, in addition to the wobble ring pump, is the gear pump. This pump consists of two gears that are mounted in a housing. The drive gear is driven by a motor and the output gear delivers the oil. When the gears are rotated, a vacuum is created, which sucks in the oil and pushes it through the housing to the outlet port.

Another type of oil pump is the piston pump. This pump has pistons that move back and forth in a cylinder. When the piston is pulled back, a vacuum is created which sucks in the oil. When moving the piston forward, the oil is pushed through an outlet port.

A third type of oil pump is the centrifugal pump. This pump uses centrifugal force to deliver the oil. The oil is fed into the pump body and thrown outwards through a rotating disc. This creates a vacuum which sucks in the oil and removes it through the outlet.

Oil pumps are important to ensure that the oil in machines and circulates vehicles correctly. They ensure that the oil gets to the various components that need to be lubricated to reduce wear and friction. Without a functioning oil pump, machinery could be damaged and the life of the components would be reduced.

Ventile einer Ölpumpe Industrieanlage
Valves of an oil pump in an industrial plant

What are oils and in which industrial sectors are they used?

Oils are liquid substances that are obtained from plant, animal or mineral sources. They are used in various industrial sectors used to perform a wide range of functions.

In the automotive industry, oils are used as lubricants used to reduce friction between moving parts and minimize wear and tear. Engine oil, transmission oil, and hydraulic oil are just a few examples of the different types of oils used in vehicles.

In the food industry, oils are often used for cooking, frying and baking. Vegetable oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil are popular options for refining and adding flavor to foods. In addition, oils are also used in the manufacturing used by margarine, chocolate and other food products.

In the cosmetics industry, oils are used in skin care products such as creams, lotions and massage oils. They help the skin with moisture to nourish, protect and keep them supple. Popular oils in cosmetics include jojoba oil, almond oil and coconut oil.

Oils are also used in a variety of ways in the chemical industry. They serve as thinner, lubricants, insulators, and even as raw materials for the production of other chemical compounds.

Rent the wobble ring pump

Of course, we are happy to help you decide on your industrial pump. Take contact Contact us for more information about our wide range of wobble ring pump models and sizes, which are available for short-term and individual rentals or even for purchase.

In particular, pumping oils and other viscous media is no problem for the wobbling ring pump. With its robust construction and high efficiency It is ideal for demanding applications in various industrial sectors.

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