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We have a wide range of rental pumps available, which we can configure according to customer requirements.

Four models of the wobble ring pump side by side

industrial pumps are special pumps that are used in industrial applications. They are used to convey, transport or dose liquids or gases in various industrial processes. Industrial pumps are used in various industries such as chemistry, oil and gas, groceries and drinks, pharmacy and used by many others.

Renting industrial pumps can be useful in many cases. One reason for this is that the requirements for pumps in industrial processes are often limited in time. It is possible that a pump is only needed for a certain period of time. This can occur, for example, during a repair or servicing be the case with a permanently installed pump. In such cases, it is often more cost effectiveto rent a pump instead of buying it.

Another advantage of renting industrial pumps is flexibility. By renting, companies can select the right pump for their specific requirements and adjust it as needed. This makes it possible to adapt to changing requirements and efficiency to maximize processes.

Rent our wobble ring pump

You have the option of using our wobble ring pump tailored to your needs at short notice rent. Our wobble ring pump can be used in various industrial sectors. It is particularly suitable for applications that require a constant and reliable vacuum or Compressed airflow require.

Zu unseren Mietpumpen


Due to the possibility of short-term rent we offer you the flexibility you need to keep your business running smoothly. Regardless of whether you need a temporary solution for a bottleneck, a machine needs to be repaired, or you want to rent a pump permanently, our wobble ring pump is available to you.

Our pump is characterized by its high efficiency and durability. It is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. With its robust construction, it can work reliably even under demanding conditions.

To meet your individual requirements, we offer various models and sizes rent our wobble ring pump. Our experienced team is available to help you choose the right pump for your application. This helps to check the process capability even before ordering a pump. When a pump is subsequently ordered, the rental costs will of course be deducted.

If you are interested in renting our wobble ring pump or need further information, do not hesitate to contact us contact. We're ready to help you with your short-term pumping needs.

Benefits of renting industrial pumps

There are many benefits of renting industrial pumps. One of the most important benefits is the flexibility. By renting, companies can borrow the pumps they need for specific projects or periods of time without having to make large investments. This enables them to use their resources more efficiently and save costs.

Another advantage is the ability to stay up to date with the latest technology. Industrial pumps are constantly being developed and improved. The rent gives companies access to the latest pump models with advanced pump technology. This can help them improve efficiency and remain competitive.

In addition, when renting industrial pumps, there are no costs for servicing and repairs. The landlords are for the upkeep the pumps are responsible and take care of any problems. This saves companies time and money as they don't have to worry about operating and maintaining the pumps.

Another advantage is flexibility in adapting the pump capacity. Depending on requirements, companies can rent various pump models with different capacities. This enables them to precisely meet their fluid delivery requirements without unnecessary costs for oversized pumps to cause.

Renting industrial pumps also has a direct impact on a company's liquidity and budget. Monthly rent payments make it easier to plan the company's liquidity, as the costs are incurred regularly and can therefore be more easily incorporated into the budget. This allows greater control over spending and optimal use of available financial resources.

Which pump is suitable for which application and how do you find a suitable industrial pump?

When choosing a suitable rental pump, various factors should be considered.

  • pumping medium: Type of medium to be pumped (liquids, gases, sludges) and their chemical properties.
  • flow rate: The required throughput volume per unit of time.
  • delivery pressure: The required pressure that the pump must generate.
  • temperature: The temperature of the medium, as this influences the pump materials and seals.
  • viscosity: The toughness of the mediumas this affects pump efficiency.
  • solid content: The proportion of solids in the medium, as this influences the type of pump.
  • operating conditions: The environmental conditions, such as temperature, pressure and hazardous areas.
  • servicing: The pump's maintenance requirements, including spare parts availability.
  • energy efficiency: The energy efficiency of the pump to minimize operating costs.
  • Life cycle costs: The total costs over the life of the pump, including installation and maintenance.
  • materials: Choosing the right Materials for pump componentsto minimize corrosion and wear.
  • pump type: The selection of the appropriate pump type (e.g. centrifugal pump, positive displacement pump) based on the requirements.
  • reliability: The reliability of the pump in terms of continuous operation and reliability.
  • regulation: The ability to control the pump output, e.g. by speed control.
  • operating costs: The total cost of operation, including energy consumption, maintenance, and repairs.
  • compatibility: The Pump integration into the existing system and adaptation to specific application requirements.
  • certifications: Certifications or standards that may be required, depending on the industry and area of application.
Installation von Industriepumpe
Installing and maintaining our wobble ring pump

How do pumps generate pressure?

Pumps generate pressure by converting mechanical energy, typically electrical energy that is transferred from a motor to the pump as a drive. The pump consists of a housing with a rotating rotor that supports blades or blades. When the rotor rotates, a vacuum is created which sucks in the medium due to the difference in the suction height. As a result of continuous rotation, the medium is pushed through the pump and creates the required pressure to bring it to the required delivery height for transport into an application.

There are various types of pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, which generate pressure through rotation, and piston pumps, where piston movements generate pressure and control the flow.

Selecting the right pump depends on factors such as motor power, pump design, medium properties, and the required delivery height and suction height.

Our wobble ring pump uses a rotating movement by an electric motor as a drive to generate pressure. It contains a wobble ring with chambers that absorb and expel liquid, creating a continuous flow.

The maintenance of the wobble ring pump includes regular maintenance, replacing consumables, and cleaning chambers and housings to ensure maximum flow and efficiency.

How long can a pump run?

Die operating time A pump depends on various factors, including pump type, the type of application, quality, maintenance, and environment. Industrial pumps can normally run for extended periods of time without interruption, often hours, days, or weeks. However, some pump types specify operating intervals to account for maintenance and wear. Quality and environment also influence operating time. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and carry out regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, or use our rental service to rent your individual industrial pump.

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