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As diverse as extractable materials are, so diverse and individual are the possible uses of pumping systems.

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Even in ancient Greece, the need for pumps was recognized. The first reciprocating pumps made everyday life much easier for many people. Physical work caused by pumping drinking water was almost completely eliminated and also made it possible to access new sources of water. Nowadays, the use of pumps has multiplied. They are from industrial use and an integral part of everyday private use. But which substances Are eligible for funding at all? What should you consider when choosing ideals pump?

What funding requirements are there?

As diverse as eligible substances are, so diverse and individual are the Uses of pumping systems. From a global perspective, funding requirements vary. Lokal, or in industrialized countries, the need for funding is significantly higher. Industrial pumps are made of factories It's hard to imagine life without it. It is estimated that around 11.2 billion euros were invested in manufacturing pumps in Germany in 2021. The trend continues to rise sharply.

The world market Consumer goods, as well as the world population, are constantly increasing, and so is the required use of pumps.

But we too use pumps as a matter of course in our everyday lives. For example, for our waste water, our heating system or even for refueling.

About our industrial pumps


What determines which funding is chosen?

In order to choose the right funding, it is first important to know which product or which fabric should be promoted. We are particularly aware of the extraction of water, for example in wastewater disposal. But even when it comes to water, you differentiate and choose a different pump for clear water than for waste water. However, a distinction is made not only on the basis of the state of the medium, but also on the basis of the pumping quantity that can be pumped. If a substance other than water is extracted, it is important to know its chemical composition. Here is precision required to ensure a good result and the longevity of the pump.

If you know all the properties of the medium to be pumped, you should also use the characteristics of the transport diligence examine. Important factors here are the flow rate of the pump. The throughput is the amount of conveyed Produits summarized. The suction height of the pump is also important, i.e. the height between suction pipe and pump at the pump input. As a result, the displacement height, i.e. the height between pump and outlet, also plays a role. Temperature and changes in pressure can also influence the choice of an ideal pump. Changes in pressure can also come from a displacement vessel, depending, of course, on whether one is present or not.

In addition, you should as consumers, on the Iindividuality the pump and the Information from the company pay attention.

But what are recoverable substances made of?

As already mentioned above, the chemical composition has an influence on the choice of pump. In order to understand the chemical composition, it is first important to know how a substance is actually composed.

They are made of Atoms, Ions, and Molecules. Between these is empty space, which influences the aggregate state of the substance. Aggregate states are generally solid, liquid or gaseous. For example, in the case of water, this includes ice, water and water vapor. In empty space, these particles are always in motion and thus determine the temperature of the substance. As a result, there are forces of attraction between every particle, however small, and these either attract or repel each other.

How can you distinguish eligible substances?

In chemistry, a distinction is made between pure substances and mixtures of substances. In general, mixtures of substances simply consist of several pure substances. Pure substances are water, ethanol (alcohol) and sodium chloride (salt). Mixtures of substances include edible fats, air or natural gas. For example, air is a gas mixture of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and a few traces of other gases.

Chemically, substances are differentiated by their ability to react with other substances. However, they can also be differentiated by their physical properties.

At the distinction The physical properties are differentiated primarily through one's own sensory perceptions. In this way, substances are examined for magnetism, combustibility, hardness, Solubility in water, fat solubility, electrical conductivity, melting point and boiling temperature.

Problems could arise because, as stated above, water exists in all three aggregate states.

In addition, you can substances but also, for example, in colorway, distinguish between taste and smell.

How many groups of substances are there?

Substances that have the same properties belong to a group of substances. However, substances can also belong to several groups because they have several properties. As a result, there cannot be a fixed number of substance groups.

But there is 8 main groups in the periodic table of the elements, including alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens and noble gases. This also includes the carbon group, the nitrogen group and the oxygen group. Pure substances can be easily classified via these 8 main groups.

mixtures of substances can be summarized based on their effect and use. This includes dyes, manure or even adhesives.

Examples of homogeneous mixtures of substances include flour, cooking fat and salt solutions. To heterogeneous mixtures of substances or mixtures of substances include, for example, sludge, milk, emulsions and suspensions.

We know how difficult these factors make choosing the ideal pump and we have a solution for that. Our wobble ring pump combines performance, flexibility and easy handling. Due to the three different sizes, it can be used in a wide variety of spaces. The pump head is also rotatable and easy to disassemble and is therefore in the emptying and easy cleaning.

Pumpsystems Taumelringpumpe
Our wobble ring pump

This type of pump even pumps highly viscous and solid-laden or foaming mediums hassle-free. These are colors, for example shampoos, ointments or resins.

She is also special sparing to the sponsored MediumWhat they are especially for food industry makes it interesting.

Wobble ring pumps do not only pump, for example, in paint and paint industry without problems, but they are also used by food manufacturers used. It is particularly hygienic due to the small number of moving parts in the pump chamber and therefore ensures a food safety.

They are just as popular in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry or even the oil industry. It promotes the substances so gently that air bubbles be retained in shampoos. As a result, the customer receives a visually appealing product. The oil and paint and coatings industries benefit enormously from easy cleaning.

You can find out more about this in our product brochures.

Product brochure (DE)

Product brochure (EN)

Product brochure (NL)

Feel free to see for yourself and test our wobbling ring pump. After a short term shipment Can you decide for yourself whether you want your requisitions corresponds.

You can find out more about the different types of pumps and our service in our next article find.

However, you are also welcome to contact us directly via our contact form or telephonic Get in touch with us during our opening hours.

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