Costumer benefits


Your advantages by using the Wobble Plate Pump:

  • product protective and low-shear conveying
    • applicable for sensitive media and high viscous products
    • applicable for media with solid parts
  • high suction power
    • self-priming with low pulsation and volume accuracy
    • easy to control and accurate to dose
  • compact pump unit design
    • by high specific flow rates
    • horizontal and vertical design
  • easy cleaning
    • by integrated rinse and drain nozzles (cip-able)
    • easy access to the pump chamber
  • reversal of the pumping circuit
    • directional change during operation without power loss
  • heatable and coolable
    • electrically or by use of fluids like oil or water, as needed
    • different sealing types possible, due to modular design
    • all general types of seals changeable without disassembly
  • simple and low-priced wear parts
    • quick replacement (even if already installed)



ATEX approved CE  II II2G b,c IIB TX and CE  II II2D b,c IIIC TX

FDA / EG VO 1935/2004


conform regarding FDA and EG VO 1935/2004 guidelines