Target groups / Markets

Pumpsystems customers are working in the food and cosmetic industries, in the mechanical engineering and the chemical industry. In these fields are particularly high demands for gently conveying of viscid products and products with solids.

Our customers set highest priority to individual consulting and support for their conveying task. Pumpsystems offers the complete process: from R&D and construction work up to processing and assembly.


Industries / applications:

  • Paintings- and printing industry
    • conveying of raw materials and supplies (oil, wax, resins, binder etc.)
    • filled raw materials
    • coating rollers and bead mills
    • emptying tanks, IBC Containers
  • Adhesives, building protection material, plaster etc.
    • conveying of raw materials like resins, solvents and detergents
    • filling equipment for barrels, cans and cartridges
  • Pharma- and cosmetic industry
    • conveying of raw materials
    • filling from pastes and salves
  • Basic chemical sector
    • conveying of raw materials like resins, oils, binders
    • emptying IBC containers
  • Sugar and chocolate industry with related fields
    • conveying of  liquid sugar, molasses, dissolved sugar, Isomalt
    • chocolate, cream, pastes, lecithin
  • Dairy- and bakery industry
    • yoghourt, quark, cheese
    • conveying of dough, liquid yeast and fillings
  • Brewery- and beverage industry
    • fruit concentrates, mashing, stock
  • Mineral oil industry, tar chemistry
    • high viscid oils, silicone oils, greases, filled bitumen



ATEX approved CE  II II2G b,c IIB TX and CE  II II2D b,c IIIC TX

FDA / EG VO 1935/2004


conform regarding FDA and EG VO 1935/2004 guidelines