Personal and entrepreneurial conditions

Pumpsystems combines an engineering company and a production site with a 35 employees strong high motivated team of engineers, technicians, material purchase experts and CNC operators.


Individual constructions and technical modifications for existing machines and plants are possible in shortest time. Our Management Board members Holger Schulte and Ulrich Hofmann have long-term expertise and experiences in the mechanical and plant engineering. This is the base for the great success of the Pumpsystems GmbH.

Due to these tight network with the mechanical engineering and plant industry we are every time up to date regarding the knowledge about knew trends and technologies. We collect, evaluate and use these lessons learned for our pump technology.



ATEX approved CE  II II2G b,c IIB TX and CE  II II2D b,c IIIC TX

FDA / EG VO 1935/2004


conform regarding FDA and EG VO 1935/2004 guidelines