The Wobble Plate Pump - a new pump technology

Viscosities up to 500.000 mPa s             

Flow rates up to 50.000 l/h           

Differential pressure up to 15 bar

Pumpsystems Wobble Plate Pump stands for challenging task with high conveying output even for mediums with high viscosity. The compact design and the accessibility to all components sets new standards to maintenance and cleaning. We use stainless steel (1.4571) to allow the use in the food industry as well as the chemical industry without limitation.

The pump head is rotatable; installation positions are available in vertical or horizontal design. The pump is self-priming and provide a gentle and safe conveying, also for sophisticated mediums – even with solids.



ATEX approved CE  II II2G b,c IIB TX and CE  II II2D b,c IIIC TX

FDA / EG VO 1935/2004


conform regarding FDA and EG VO 1935/2004 guidelines